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4/16/24 - Orchestra Updates

Hi Orchestra Families!

We are down to the final 8 weeks of classes and I wanted to provide some end-of-the-year information to make sure you have on your family calendars.


  • Thursday 5/9 = 8th Grade, Cardinal Orchestra, Sinfonia

  • Concert attire = Blue Orchestra Shirts

  • Arrive no later than 6:30pm

  • Concert begins at 7:00pm (NOT the normal 7:30)

  • Should last 60-75 minutes

  • Tuesday 5/14 = 4th Grade & Philomusica

  • Concert attire = Blue Orchestra Shirts (with bucket hat?)

  • Probably good to stay after school.

  • 3 concerts

  • 5:00 = Sauk Trail & Pope Farm (Philo at the end)

  • 6:00 = Northside & West Middleton (Philo at the end)

  • 7:00 = Elm Lawn, Park, Sunset Ridge (Philo at the beginning)

  • We will also need plenty of help from any orchestra student

  • 4th grade instruments are collected that night and that process takes a village

  • Wednesday 5/29 = “Almost Summer” Concert

  • Concert attire = All black or tux (Sinfonia & Symphony Orchestra)

  • Cardinal can wear regular school clothes

  • Arrive no later than 6:45pm

  • Concert begins 7:30pm

  • All orchestra students (all 3 ensembles) attend

  • Symphony is on stage throughout

  • Cardinal will remain in the audience–will not perform

  • Sinfonia performs toward the end

  • Orchestra Awards presentation will happen during the concert

  • Wednesday 6/5 = Any orchestra student can play the nat’l anthem for a Madison Mallards game!

  • More info coming soon

  • Performers get in the game free, families will get a group rate

  • Optional and also fun!


  • Please make sure all students attend the performances–each student’s experience is diminished by absences.

  • If there is a potential unavoidable and firm conflict, please communicate that conflict ASAP.

  • It is entirely possible we can work out a solution that allows the student to still perform

  • Communication is a skill we are working to teach to students

  • Last-second or after-the-fact if not the way to fly here.

  • The grade in the IC is CONCERT SKILLS: The ability to correctly navigate the concert event.  This includes either participation or correct and timely communication of potential conflicts.


  • Seniors: All assignments need to be turned in no later than Thursday 5/30 at noon.

  • Grades 9/10/11: All assignments need to be turned in no later than Wednesday 6/5 at noon.

  • Any request to turn something in after these deadlines needs to be done before the date/time.


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