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2/21/22 - Asynch and Updates READ READ READ

Hey, Someday I might get to see you all again... Lots of updates. Please read this all carefully:

  • The Asynch lesson is for SO folks only unless we have another day off on Thursday and then the CO/Sinf folks will also do the same thing.

  • The Everyone Email Exit Ticket is for--you guessed it!--everyone to do by the end of the day on Thursday.


  • Make sure you have done Musicianship C (S&E debrief).

  • Complete the EEET linked below.

  • Practice for the concert, sometime in the next 5 days.


  • SOIREE: The Soiree will not happen this week. The storm, the snow day last week, and so on will make it impossible to plan a good event. We will reschedule this as a social only event in the next month or so. Hide & Seek. How about a Bring Your Own Drone Race? Bowling at the Sport Bowl? Donuts!

  • TOUR REHEARSAL #1 will happen during ASR1 on Friday. Please try to make it, although I know some will not be able to come.

  • TOUR REHEARSAL #2 will still be on Monday 2/27, before school 7:30-8:15.

  • CONCERT REPERTOIRE: We are going to adjust the concert repertoire a little bit because of lost rehearsal time.

  • ALL: SCL and Pirates are still our opener and closer

  • SO: We will focus on the concertos, Alford, and Minotaur and delay the Berlioz until FAW or the May concert. The time with winds disappeared except for the class period next Tuesday, 2/28 durting your normal class time.

  • SINF: We will play all 3 of our planned works. Peek at the Hovhaness in the next few days.

  • CO: We will delay the City of Steel and perform only the Kalimba and Variations (peek at those).

  • CONCERT SCHEDULE: There will be a warm-up rehearsal on concert day, Thurs 3/2

  • Arrive by 6:15 for a 6:30 rehearsal on Pirates and SCL.

  • Concert starts at the normal 7:30 time.

  • Normal concert attire.

  • EEET

  • Click HERE by 3pm on Wed 2/22 to complete the Everyone Email Exit Ticket to prove you read and understood the important info above and also completed the asynch assignment.

I am available by email for questions and such. Enjoy the day! SK

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