Annual Concert T-Shirt

All MCPASD Orchestra Students wear

the Orchestra Performance T-Shirts for concerts

& other orchestra related events! 

Not only does this make choosing your concert attire simple but it's also a cohesive look & unifying factor

for the orchestra students. 

Each year, the orchestra teachers surprise the students

with what the t-shirt image will be

& choose a new color for the shirt . 

Just think how cool it will be t

o have a rainbow of shirtsat the end of your senior year! 

Please note that these t-shirts are

only for current orchestra musicians.

If other family members are interested in spirit wear,

please check back for spirit wear orders. 

*To purchase, you will need a credit card. You do not need a PayPal account. 

To pay without a PayPal account: 

On the cart page, choose PayPal Checkout.

Next choose the grey box that says, " Pay with Debit or Credit Card."


Q: Are orchestra students required to purchase a shirt?

A: No. All orchestra students are strongly encouraged to purchase a shirt, and anyone who does not will have a shirt purchased for them.

Q: If I do not purchase one, will my students get a shirt?

A: Yes. Every student in orchestra grades 4-12 will get a shirt whether you purchase it or not. If you do not purchase it, we will use district orchestra funds to purchase your student’s shirt.

Q: How do I purchase my student’s shirt?

A: Go to and click on SHOP. It will ask you for the correct size, if you would like to donate one or more shirts for families in need, and then let you check out.

Q: I see the SHOP uses PayPal. Do I need an account?

A: Our website is powered by PayPal but nobody needs a Paypal account to purchase.

Q: If I prefer to pay by check, can I do that?

A: Yes. Send a check to your student’s teacher, made out to MHS BOPA and with your students full name, school, and shirt size in the memo field.

Q: How will my student get the shirt?

A: They will be delivered to students at their schools.

Q: The MHS Orchestra had a red shirt sale earlier this fall. Was that not our annual shirt?

A: No, that was a spirit wear sale--fun shirt for your student. If you purchased a red shirt by mistake, thinking it was our annual concert shirt and you would like a refund, then please contact Mr. Kurr and he will straighten this out for you.

If I do not purchase a shirt, how do I order it?

Your student's teacher will check in with them at school to get their size.