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***THANK YOU!***

Dear MCPASD Music Supporter, MHS Band & Orchestra Boosters sincerely thank you for your time, effort, care, and support in helping to Save the 4th-grade Orchestra! Your voice was heard! Our voices were heard! - Thank you for caring about 4th-grade students! - Thank you for caring about this decades-long, successful program that positively impacts the lives of so many students! - Thank you for taking the time to read the enormous amount of information in emails, social media, and the Band & Orchestra websites! - Thank you for sharing the importance of the Orchestra with friends & neighbors. - A HUGE thank you for writing so many letters! They were instrumental in informing the MCPASD leaders how important the 4th-grade Orchestra is to our students, schools, and community! We hope the District works with orchestra teachers to find a sustainable solution that does not put the 4th-grade Orchestra in jeopardy again. We trust that future decisions will be equitable for all students and maintain the program's quality. **We invite you to reach out to our District leaders to thank them for this change!*** Sincerely, MHS Band & Orchestra Boosters


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***4th-Grade Orchestra Is NOT Cut For 2022-2023!***

Dear MCPASD Music Supporters, We sincerely thank you for your time, support, and effort to help Save the 4th-Grade Orchestra! Please see the letter sent by the District Administration to 3rd-grade fam


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