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***4th-Grade Orchestra Is NOT Cut For 2022-2023!***

Dear MCPASD Music Supporters,

We sincerely thank you for your time, support, and effort to help

Save the 4th-Grade Orchestra!

Please see the letter sent by the District Administration to 3rd-grade families.

MCPASD District Leaders sent this email to all 3rd-grade families on Thursday, April 21:

"Dear Third Grade Families, A few weeks ago, you received a message about a shift in beginning orchestra from 4th grade to 5th grade beginning next school year. Over the past few weeks, we have received many messages of advocacy, urging us to keep the current 4th grade orchestra program in place. To be responsive to our community, we have decided to keep the program at the 4th grade level for one more year while we continue to explore alternative approaches for the future. More information about instrument selection will be forthcoming from your respective schools." The MHS Band & Orchestra Boosters sincerely thank the MCPASD District leaders for listening to community feedback in deciding to keep the 4th-grade Orchestra. We hope the District works with orchestra teachers to find a sustainable solution that does not put the 4th-grade Orchestra in jeopardy again. We trust that future decisions will be equitable for all students and maintain the program's quality. Sincerely, The MHS Band & Orchestra Boosters


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***THANK YOU!***

Dear MCPASD Music Supporter, MHS Band & Orchestra Boosters sincerely thank you for your time, effort, care, and support in helping to Save the 4th-grade Orchestra! Your voice was heard! Our voices w


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