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9/21/21 - Some Short Updates for you

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Hi Orchestra students and families!

Just a few short items to keep you up-to-date.

1) Our first concert is coming up on 11/11. Please make sure to put that on your family's calendar.

2) The Symphony Orchestra is working on a piece by Wisconsin composer David Ott and Maestro Ott will be spending a day or 2 with us in mid October. A great experience for all!

3) We are making the order to Top Promotions for our red orchestra t-shirts WED 9/22 at 4pm, so let's push to get as many ordered by then as possible. Go to and pick one up today!

4) The MHS Orchestras have been invited to perform for the NBC15 Sounds of the Season again this year. We have been their anchor performance for a few years now and are happy to be part of this event. Symphony and Sinfonia musicians will record in early December.

That is all for the moment--thanks for supporting the musical education of your students!



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