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Orchestra Updates 5/30

Hi all,

Wednesday 5/31 is the final orchestra concert of the year, the ALMOST SUMMER ORCHESTRA CONCERT. Features the Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonia, end-of-year awards for all orchestras, senior recognition, and music by Vaughan Williams, Kurr, Berlioz, Glass, and more.

  • STARTS AT 7:30 pm in the PAC

  • This is for Cardinal, Sinfonia, and Symphony

    • Cardinal

      • Arrive by the time the performance begins

      • Watches their colleagues from the audience--no instrument needed

      • No special concert dress

  • Sinfonia

    • Arrive by 7:15 pm--no group warm-up

    • Concert attire = ALL BLACK

    • Starts in the audience put instruments backstage for the first half \

  • Symphony

    • Arrive for 6:30 warm-up rehearsal on stage

    • Concert attire = ALL BLACK (or tuxedo)

    • Performs all pieces

  • Reception afterward!

    • We can use help from any orchestra family member

      • Getting 2-liters

      • Setting up

      • Serving

      • Clean up


Students have gotten information about playing the Star Spangled Banner at the Madison Mallards on 6/13. Look for an email later this week!

Looking forward to seeing you all Wednesday!



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