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11/23/21 Fruit Sale Delivery Day Assistance--Help needed!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Hi families,

The concert was great! It was great to see all of you in person.

A few upcoming events:

1) 12/2: Sinfonia and Symphony will record the Rimsky-Korsakov for NBC15 for their Sounds of the Season during Block 6 in the class day. All black that day please!

2) 12/10: All orchestra students are invited for Block 5-Block 6-Advisory for our own Winter Tea celebration. More details coming!

3) 12/11: FRUIT DELIVERY DAY! All that fruit you ordered and sold comes on a truck that arrives before sunrise. We unload, sort & sift, and distribute to customers by noon.

We need your help for Delivery Day: please sign up for a shift or more at THIS SIGN-UP GENIUS link. It's a fun day, and a chance to spend some time in our new rooms. Thanks for your assistance!


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