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12/17/23 - Orchestra Updates

Hi folks!

Some quick and important things for the coming week:

  1. Symphony Orchestra members are performing a few movements of the Nutcracker for both advisories Monday morning. 

  2. Wear concert black to school (If you have gym Block 5, bring your concert clothes).   Bring your civvies if you want to change back.

  3. Bring your good instruments from home if possible

  4. We are working with the food service to have lunch early, and we might be pinched for time.  Consider bringing a lunch.

  5. The Nutcracker Two Ways performance is Tuesday night at 7:30

  6. Symphony musicians should arrive in concert black no later than 6:45 (talk to me if you have to come a shade later).

  7. Tickets are available through the booster web page

  8. While tickets are also available at the door, we are really hoping people will purchase ahead of time--helps us out in the lobby ahead of time.

  9. Tickets for students are free: CommConn credit for Sinfonia/Cardinal Orchestra students who come!  Students attending should still go to the web page and "buy" student tickets--we want to have a good idea how many people will be in attendance!

  10. We could use a volunteer or 2 to help with the box office, especially somebody with no student in Symphony (don't want anyone to miss their student performing!).  Helpers will get a free ticket to the show.

  11. The Winter Tea Alumni Read is coming Friday 12/22 10-11am.  If you know of any MHS Orchestra graduates, let them know!  And tell them to contact me about getting on the visitor calendar.

  12. On January 4th @ 7pm in the Band Room Zach Galin, president of Galin Education will be coming over to MHS to talk about how band, orchestra, and choir can be used in the college admissions process for music and non-music majors. We recommend taking the opportunity to attend this free event by sending an rsvp at this link and making sure your information on the modern college process is up to date as many of our music families have high expectations for their participating students. We hope that providing this event will allow our students to take full advantage of their time in high school including using their music classes to their benefit no matter their plans after high school. .


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