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10/17/22 - Orchestra Updates

Hello, folks!

Some quick updates and reminders:

  • If you are still on the fence, or if you missed the emails or deadlines, you are in luck! Our tour company has extended our enrollment time a few days, so you can still join us for the trip.

  • Check out the PUERTO RICO FAQ document thoroughly.

  • Mark Wood tickets are still available for Wednesday 10/26 at 7pm. Get them at our booster website or take a chance that you can get them at the door.

  • Raffle tickets for the Stingray violin are only available at the concert. 1 for $5, 5 for $20.

  • We could use some assistance at the concert event. Please help us out by taking 1 or more of the jobs on this SIGN UP GENIUS.

  • Also available at the booster website is our Orchestra Spiritwear. Shirts, hoodies, jackets, joggers, mugs, bucket hats, and more!

  • Parent/Teacher conferences are coming this week Wed 10/19 and again on Wed 11/2.

  • W 10/19: This is drop-in for a quick visit 4-6:30pm.

  • Come to the Orch Room 1200 to say hello, ask a quick question, or anything that takes 3-8 minutes.

  • W 11/2: This is by appointment. If you have a question that might take longer than 8 minutes, questions about college, or a more private concern of some sort, please set up a time.

  • 4-6pm is the designated time by the school.

  • Drop me an email and suggest a length of time you might want.

  • If this slot does not work for you, please let me know and we can find an alternative slot.

  • Yes, I know this is the night before our concert.

  • We have been asked once again to perform for the NBC15 Sounds of the Season. We will record on Friday 12/2 during the day and we will air on 12/24 in the evening and the morning of 12/25.

  • Winter Teas are back! Sunset Ridge and Sauk Trail will be hosting Winter Teas again and we will perform. More details to come.

OK--looking forward to see you all at conferences, Mark Wood, and our 11/3 concert!



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